Position Rochester as a leading city of the Granite State

- Improve accessibility and quality of public spaces in Rochester

- Support events that make use of our city, its resources, and showcase our vibrant businesses

- Cultivate relationships with statewide leaders, groups and resources for our city

- Collaborate with our School Board to adequately fund Rochester’s public schools and move it’s progressive education programs forward

- Encourage property owners to continue investment in their Rochester properties

Advocating for the wellness of all Rochester residents

- Increase the availability of safe crosswalks and reliability of sidewalks throughout Rochester

- Address ongoing opioid crisis with harm reduction and expanded recovery efforts

- Continue to engage in equitable public/private partnerships to provide facilities and services to in-need communities

Promoting economic growth through the lens of equity

- Work toward a collectively defined future where everyone is included in its prosperity

- Pursue sustainable zoning policies and business relations beneficial to the long term development of Rochester and its residents

- Explore solutions that benefit everyone, regardless of one’s abilities, identity, socioeconomic status, or age

- Proactively seek out diverse community members’ perspectives

- Protect natural resources against irreversible depletion

Increasing the accessibility of municipal government

- Support efforts that connect residents and elected officials

- Support first responder efforts that strengthen community engagement

- Promote the modernization of municipal communications